My Time at University: Final Year

Adam Cheung, BDes Product and Furniture Design student, shares his experience of studying at Ulster.


One of the foremost things that I realised when final year arrived was just how fast time goes by. It seems like just last week when I stepped into the beautiful, revolving glass doors of the Belfast campus, ready to begin my life as a university student. I remember so vividly that on that day I slept past my alarm clock, leading me to rush to my first day with a ridiculous bed head (this bed head was then sadly immortalised on my student ID). I also remember quite well how nervous and excited I was. “Oh wow, I’m a university student.” I remember telling myself. “This place is where my future will begin.”


“This place is where my future will begin.”

University could be a place of stress, pressure, and immense anxiety. It could be a place where you feel a shiver down your spine every time you step into a lecture hall. It could be the place that brings fear to your heart every time you think about it. It could be a place where birds don’t sing. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, Ulster University is the polar opposite of all these things. Before starting university, I’d heard stories upon stories of how horrifying life as a university student can be, and if I’m completely honest, I thought that I would have the same awful experiences. But how wrong was I?


After almost three years here, I can confidently say that studying at Ulster University was, and will always be, one of the best experiences of my life. The campus is always bursting with an authentically artistic atmosphere, something which can rarely be found in Northern Ireland. There’s always a new exhibition going on, or a new display being set up, and everyone is more than happy to explain to you what it’s about. The staff and lecturers are ever so helpful, and unlike in school where teachers would literally treat you like ‘little minions’, in Ulster University you’re like friends and colleagues. They genuinely do care about you and actually do want you to succeed. There’s no wonder then that even the university’s name begins with two ‘U’s. It really is all about you.

“It really is all about you.”


As I’m writing this, my university student days are greatly numbered – I literally have a few weeks left until I graduate. However, if you’re thinking of studying at Ulster University, I leave you with one piece of advice – time manage like crazy. Yes, deadlines are important and will loom over you like a seagull targeting your Ben and Jerry’s, but what I mean when I say “time manage like crazy” is really, really appreciate and grasp your every second at Ulster University. It’s a spectacular place to study no matter what campus you’re on – for all you know, the starting line and finishing line of your student life could feel like a week, or a week and a half if you’re lucky.

If I had to offer another piece of advice, well, you have to try the luxury hot chocolate at The Streat in the Belfast campus, it’s to die for.


My Time at University: Final Year

Adam Cheung shares his thoughts on his final year as an Ulster University student.

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