The End of My University Journey

Sam Linton, BSc Computing Science student, looks back at his time at Ulster University as he enters the final few weeks of his degree. 


“Somewhere that I knew I wanted to spend my university life for the next 3 years.”

My first thoughts when entering final year was how fast time goes. It seemed like just yesterday when I was in first year discovering the Coleraine campus. I remember on the first day being nervous and excited at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect!


Thankfully the Coleraine campus had a homely environment and was somewhere that I knew I wanted to spend my university life for the next 3 years. I was worried at the start that I wouldn’t make any new friends, something many new students worry about. But how wrong was I?! During the induction period on my course I got to meet a range of different people with similar interests, which throughout the coming years made the course much easier and fun at the same time. My advice to new students is “Don’t worry and have fun doing what you enjoy.”


Before I started university I had heard stories upon stories of how university could be a stressful and pressured environment. How wrong these claims were! At Ulster University staff are always at hand to give you any help you need with assignments, exams or just to listen to any problems you might be facing. University is not all about work and exams. There is also a social aspect to it and here at Coleraine this is first class. From the student nights held in the union bar by societies, to the Riverside Theatre, there is something for everyone! Many of which I have enjoyed.


“It is one of those experiences that you want to do all over again.”

After three years of studying at Ulster University, I have to say it is one of those experiences that you want to do all over again. The campus always has a lively atmosphere and rarely do I ever see a society not holding an event. Outside of campus there is the North Coast, which in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Ireland. It really is the campus that has it all. From my experiences staff and lecturers genuinely do care about you and do want you to succeed. This really is where your future begins.


“It really is the campus that has it all.”

It’s hard to believe that as I write this I am in my final weeks at university. It is quite a scary thought. One thing that I will say; if you want to study at Ulster University but are still unsure about it, I assure you, you won’t regret it. The best advice I could give to anyone in university is time management is essential, but more importantly, enjoy every aspect of university life. It will go by in a flash and before you know you’ll be sitting here like me on my final weeks.




The End of My University Journey

Sam Linton reflects on his three years at Ulster University as his final year concludes.

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