Through clearing I got my 1st choice degree course

Donal was unable to accept his first preference at an English university because of personal circumstances, but due to Ulster University being on top of his situation he got to do his first choice degree here.

What degree did you initially apply for?

I applied for software engineering at a university in England, though due to personal circumstances I had to inform them that I was unable to enroll.  I went through the process of clearing at Ulster University and secured a place within a few days.

How did you feel when you entered the clearing process?

It was a very nerve wracking experience.

What course did you get through clearing?

It was the exact same course Computer Science and Software Engineering. I am very grateful to Ulster University for being on top of my situation and understanding that sometimes personal circumstances with families can cripple ambitions to attend a faraway university. They worked tirelessly to uphold their promise.

What’s been your favourite part of your course so far?

The lecturers are fantastic and the variety of modules make it a useful course for any computer developer/engineer based career.

What’s been the highlight of your first year at uni?

Finding a genuine appreciation for systems software – an industry I previously had no interest in when at college.

If you could give one tip to someone who is entering the clearing process what would it be?

Keep in communication with the universities you are applying for, as time is a big factor. But ultimately if you cannot find a course in clearing that suits your interests, it makes more sense to wait until next year – rather than take up a course you have little interest in.

Would you recommend Ulster University to other students?

Of course, I would. Ulster University has an extremely wide range of career building courses to choose from. Not to mention, lower tuition fees in comparison with universities in mainland UK.  I highly recommend Ulster University!


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