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Why Study Geography and Environmental Sciences?

At Ulster, you can choose to study Geography, Environmental Science or Environmental Science with Marine Pathway. So whether you’re interested in migration and the refugee crisis or climate change and rising sea levels, we have a course for you.

Choosing the right subject isn’t just about having an interest in the topic…inspiring course content, good teaching support, interesting field trips, great placement opportunities and a variety of career prospects are vital for your success at university.

For the past six years, our Geography and Environmental Sciences courses achieved 100% overall student satisfaction (NSS 2014-19) and 92% of our students are employed or in further study within six months of graduating (DLHE 2018).



To find out why, we’ve asked our current students what they think of their course and what advice they’d give to anyone considering a GES course.


Why did you choose to study a Geography or Environmental Sciences course?


“I always had a love for geography from beginning it in secondary school. I highly respect the environment and wish to learn more on this matter. Along with this, it is another great way to understand interactions and life of humans on Earth”.

“I’m interested in the environment and understanding how the world around us works and I enjoyed science at school. I had seen in the course description that there was excel and GIS work on computers which will make you more employable which helped lure me in to pick this course”.

“I’m interested in the science behind environmental changes”.

“I have always been interested in the subject and the North Coast provides a perfect place to both live and see Geography in action on a daily basis”.

“It’s a subject that’s always interested me and I wasn’t ready to give it up and I wanted to learn so much more about it”.

“I heard of the course at school and Ulster’s Open Day engaged me to want to take on the course”.

“I originally wanted to teach as I enjoyed the subject but now I find myself with an entire world of opportunities from my degree choice”.



What have been your highlights of the course so far?


 “The Ardara field trip was an amazing way to start of first year to truly get to know everyone. To be honest I have just loved all modules especially when we get to go out into the field to put key points learned into action”.

“The Cyprus field trip was my most memorable experience to date whilst I have also really enjoyed the Human modules covered”.

“The Ardara field trip was a nice way to start uni and meet new friends in your course. And I am looking forward to the trip in the Algarve, I have a feeling it will be my highlight of the course as I know everyone in my course now and it should be an exciting experience to go abroad and learn about the geography of a place that I never been to before. The topic I personally liked the most was the hydrosphere as I am particularly interested in rivers and also toxicology was also quite interesting and something I wasn’t expecting to learn in this course”.

“I’ve always loved physical geography but uni has taught me to also love human geography. The lecturers are also amazing and go above and beyond to help you fulfil your potential”.

“All the fieldtrips have been enjoyable experiences, I also have enjoyed the lectures in both environmental systems and key concepts”.

“I really enjoyed the environmental systems module in first year”.



What advice/information would you give A-level students thinking about applying to do Geography or Environmental Sciences?


“There are excellent one-to-one opportunities with the lecturers, fantastic field school expeditions which supplement the theories learned in the lectures and fun and enjoyable content in lectures”.

“Apply for a placement opportunity, it is unbelievably helpful for both your academic and professional career”.

“It’s a great course that will give you an insight into the functioning of Earth and how to support it in the near future”.

“Lecturers are very good and are always there when help is needed. There is a good mixture of both human and physical geography”.

“Relaxed and enjoyable course. Smaller class than other courses so everyone gets to know everyone”.

“The teaching support is very good and the work load isn’t too heavy in terms of assignments and exams to make sure you can achieve your full potential”.

“Learn about, understand and then try to save the planet, your grandchildren will thank you!”

“Good placement opportunities, a large amount of practical work and experience with good teaching support and friendly teachers”.

“It’s a well-rounded subject and can take you into so many different areas of work and gives you so many transferable skills. The staff in this department are also amazing”.



Describe your experience in three words…


“Learning so much”

“Exciting and interesting”

“Great learning opportunities”

“Enjoying every moment”

“Redefining my goals”

“Challenging yet exciting”

“Best course ever”



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Why Choose to Study Geography and Environmental Sciences?

Discover how you can make a difference to the world with a degree in Geography, Environmental Science or Environmental Science with Marine Pathway.

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