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Best student eateries in Belfast

As a student with limited cooking skills, little money and no knowledge of local cuisine, it can be difficult to find a decent meal during term. Look no further! When you’re feeling the dreaded signs of “hanger” emerging here is the definitive list of the best places to eat in Belfast for the perfect fix!

Maggie Mays

50 Botanic Avenue and 2 Malone Road

 Extensive menu, incredible value and cheerful atmosphere.

Notorious for their fry, Maggie Mays is a long standing favourite amongst students. How could students not love a place that actually bills their fry as the ‘Perfect Hangover Cure’? A full fry is £4.99 or you can upgrade to a bumper fry for £6.10. There is a wide range of food on their menu including vegetarian options. Everything is reasonably priced, most dishes range from £4 to £7. They also have an extensive menu of milkshakes starting at £2.45, I recommend the Cookie Monster. The café’s two locations, Botanic Avenue and Malone Road, are ideal for students who aren’t feeling too energetic in the mornings. With their extensive menu, incredible value and cheerful atmosphere it’s easy to see how Maggie Mays comes out on top for students.


The bumper fry at Maggie Mays

The bumper fry at Maggie Mays


73 Botanic Avenue & 19-27 Chichester Street

If you graduate university without having a Boojum then you’ve done university wrong.

If you graduate university without having a Boojum then you’ve done university wrong. Plain and simple. The Mexican burrito bar took Belfast by storm when it first appeared, with many copycat burrito bars popping up across the city. The queue can be a bit of a deterrent at times but never fear, the staff work their magic so quickly that you’ll be tucking into your burrito in no time! If burritos don’t tickle your fancy there are plenty of other alternatives to choose from such as a burrito bowl, tacos or a fajita. You design your meal in 3 easy steps; base, filling and salsa. They even provide you with a little diagram to eat your burrito in the most dignified way possible. The food is actually pretty healthy, the portions are huge and the prices range from £4.95 to £5.75. A natural winner in the eyes of students.


Burrito heaven at Boojum

Burrito heaven at Boojum

Established coffee

54 Hill Street

The café’s exciting creations will have you spoilt for choice.

A Coffee lovers dream, Established Coffee has been deemed the best coffee shop in Belfast. With its minimalist interior and large family style table in the middle of the room, the café has established a relaxing ambiance for students. The staff at Established Coffee stand out from the crowd with their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm about coffee. They offer fantastic customer service and are always happy to help. The coffee menu changes regularly giving you a fantastic range of fresh options all the time to try out! They also offer a superb sweet selection to accompany your coffee of choice. The café offers an outstanding range of breakfast and brunch specials, I particularly loved the dark gingerbread waffle decorated with caramelised oranges, salted honey mascarpone and walnuts. The café’s exciting creations will have you spoilt for choice, and with such reasonable prices it’s no wonder students love to come here to chill out between classes.


Brunch delight at Established Coffee

Brunch delight at Established Coffee

French Village

99 Botanic Avenue

The pastries and cakes at French Village are simply out of this world.

Another treasured lunch spot in the heart of the student area in Belfast. This cosy café is really something special. Originally starting out as a bakery, the pastries and cakes at French Village are simply out of this world. Between the daily homemade desserts, lighter than air cakes and exciting tray bakes it’s hard to know what to indulge yourself in. If it’s a quick lunch you’re after then their deli counter is the way to go which is bursting with flavour. Why not combine a sandwich with one of their fresh, homemade soups for an extra £2. Their extensive lunch menu ranges from the exciting, spicy chipotle wrap to a sensible homemade stew with fresh wheaten bread. The prices at French Village are very student friendly with everything on the lunch menu ranging from £4 to £9. French Village specialises in doing simple food exceptionally well and never disappoints.


french village1

The best spot for lunch on Botanic Avenue

Bagel Bagel

60 Donegall Street

A legend amongst students.

The cute little bagel, soup and sandwich deli is a legend amongst students. With a fantastic range of healthy, fresh food you are spoilt for choice at Bagel Bagel. You can tuck into their bagel of the day or choose from a huge range of inspired fillings, from salad to roast beef. I would recommend The Cancun. This fiery choice is based on a cheese & jalapeno bagel with chicken, cheddar cheese and spicy salsa. They offer an excellent student deal; any sandwich, wrap or toasted bagel with crisps and a bottle of water or tea all for £4! It’s difficult to find a better deal in the city centre so be sure to pick up a loyalty card.


The best bagel cafe in Belfast

The best bagel cafe in Belfast


Best student places to eat in Belfast

Ulster University student Aine McAlonan explores the best 5 student places to eat in Belfast.

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